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Easy, Effective & Economic Way to Get Rid


Easy, Effective & Economic Way to Get Rid of Acne!!!

Although we already know which category we belong to, yet let me remind you, everybody belongs to the second category, with some or many having access to the first one. Meaning, if you can make it to the spa regularly for a couple of months you can get that flawless skin. And, if you continue your visits at least once a month for the rest of the time, cheers for you!!!

But what if we can’t?? For those, who need to be extra cautious about the wallet yet don’t wish to compromise, let’s divide this article into “Easy, Effective & Economic” way. But first of all, remember this: no matter whatever way you choose, it requires you to bring some permanent changes to your lifestyle and stick to the fact ‘I love myself more than anything else’.

No, I am not asking you to follow any rule book, just follow the followings:

  1. Drink plenty of water: a minimum 8 glasses in general and for those who are struggling with weight issues & on a diet a minimum of 12 glasses, inclusive of all liquid intake.
  2. Cut on the regular intake of fried foods, oily foods, raw sugar, creamed coffee, junk foods.
  3. Must intake colorful vegetables, fish, and fruits.
  4. Must intake at least 1 cup of green tea after the last meal to make sure metabolic rate is high enough to make digestion active enough.
  5. Be gentle to your face as you are to a baby.
  6. Moisturize!! No matter what skin type you have, no exception to this rule.
  7. Treat the gas chamber inside your stomach as fast as possible.
  8. Get at least 5-8 hours of sound sleep.
  9. Spend at least 20-30 minutes a day to stretch your muscles all over the body.
  10. Always remove make-up before going to bed.
  11. Use sterilized razors & always moisturize after shaving.

   And finally, Stay Happy!!!

As they say, “prevention is better than cure”- if you maintain these rules in life, you are sure to keep the facial enemy at bay forever. Now let’s focus on how to cure it if we are already affected.

Firstly, let’s take a look behind the root of this universal problem.

What really is Acne?

Acne is nothing but a facial infection. As do all other infections, it grows due to the impurities in our blood mainly. External environment also adds to the pain. But the worst effect is done by ourselves as we do panic a lot once we see those bubbles on the face and adding to that, keep on poking it with our not-so-sterilized nails.

It appears on the skin when the skin is exhausted and can’t breathe properly. You read it right. The skin needs to breathe properly. And the reason why it can’t do is the dirt that blocks the pores through which skin breaths. Let me explain in details.

Our blood carries all the different elements to the destined organs. It also carries the toxins or impurities. But these toxins are supposed to be processed and thrown out of the body. For this to happen, we must make sure that the blood is pure enough and the digestive system is strong enough to process whatever we eat to throw them out of the body. Any malfunction in this system causes the acne.

The picture shows the different stages of the development of acne. When the body finds it difficult to process out excess foods through digestion, it tries to get rid of it in any possible ways. Therefore, we perspire or urinate. But impure blood can block both of these systems too. So finally, the blood is left with only one other way and that is to transfer those toxins out of the body’s inside part and put them into the outer surface.

In the first phase, the dirts start to gather around the facial pores. When these dirts get in touch with the germs from the outer world, an infection starts to develop. This is when we see that tiny little bubble on our face. Gradually it blocks the pore from outside making it suffocating for the skin. At the same time blood keeps on gathering dirts to the same pores, making the bubble grow as a ball. Thanks to the bacteria from the outer germ to finally convert this into a serious infection!

Congratulations, you finally have an acne on your face!!!

The story doesn’t end here. Impurities or toxins in the blood can also be credited to the hormones & genes. Certain hormones are actually there to cause the infections. This is particularly observed when you are having a hormonal change inside your body as well as inside your mind. Yes, I am talking to stepping into the coolest phase of life- teenage! Your puberty gives you these pain along with all the other cool stuffs. Acne caused by hormones must be checked by a specialist because this type of acne requires medicines to be cured.

The final culprit behind this life destroying problem is the carelessness of ourselves and pollution of outer world.

So far, I have told you that no matter how skinny is your budget & time you can have the desired flawless skin. I have also given you rules to remember to prevent acne formation for good. Now that you have been informed about the formation on acne on your face, let me tell you something about acne on other places of the body.

Yes, it is just normal to get acne on different parts of the body e.g. your back, scalp, chest, underarm, triceps, thighs etc. This is more common on the back. There is another type of acne which is grown due to the formation of excessive cell by the skin on the face. Also we get problems like whiteheads and blackheads, summer rashes etc. Whiteheads are usually common for dry to mixed skin types whereas, blackheads are more common with oily skin. The dandruff in your scalp can also be a reason to cause the whiteheads which is done through the frequent touch in the hair and on the face.

But in general, oily skin is the easiest victim of acne.

This article will show you how to get rid of acne on a budget-friendly, easy and effective way. But remember, you must not ignore it if the acne doesn’t disappear in maximum 2 weeks. If it stays for more than this period of time, the infection is serious enough to be checked by a professional. Usually some vitamins and antibiotics are prescribed which we must not take on our own and without consulting a professional.

How to get rid of Acne??

In the following paragraphs, I will tell you how to cure which type of acne.

  • Acne caused by hormonal changes

Usually acne during puberty gets cleaned by itself. That’s why this is the simplest of all types. But if you intake too much oily food, junk food etc. then this simple type will get complexed. Whenever you notice that tiny bubble on your face, stop taking any type of junk or fried or oily food. Eat fresh food and drink fresh water only. You must restrict the consumption of too much alcohol and smoking as well.

If the problem is too severe, consult a doctor.

  • Acne caused by excessive skin growth

This type is not much common, in fact young people hardly develop such acne. Yet we must be alert.

A major part of a complete skin care routine is to scrubbing the face with natural scrubs. Yes, you will find a lot of brands offering you different types of scrubs, but your face is not a laboratory Rat, right?? Never experiment with/ on your body!!!

Coarsely grounded rice, grounded masoor beans or the red lentils, salt, sugar, oats, grounded dried orange peels- can be very easily available and effective facial scrubs. All you need to do is this:

  1. Mix grounded rice/ masoor beans/ oats/ dried orange peels with simple water. Spread the mixture on your face and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Lukewarm water helps you open the pores.
  2. Simply mix salt/ sugar with lime/lemon juice and spread on the face. Clean it in the same way.

You may use if you prefer, rose water (for oily skin) and honey or milk ( for dry skin) with these mixtures. I prefer lime juice in every case. It works as antiseptics for infections.

  • Acne caused by toxins  

The most common type of acne is reasoned to the toxins created inside the body due to improper digestion. Simply drinking enough water and reducing consumption of the wrong types of food can get you out of this problem.

When you are affected, keep your face as clean as possible. Avoid touching. For healing this do the followings:

  • Rub a clove of garlic onto the affected area. This will take 3-5 days if applied right after spotting the tiny bubble.
  • Apply lime/ lemon juice onto the affected area and it will prevent it from any further growth along with healing in no time.
  • Soak tamarind in water for a few hours. Make a thick pulp. You can either rub the soaked tamarind or the pulp onto the acne. It acts almost as lime juice.
  • Never massage the face if you have a easily spottable or huge number of acne.
  • Keep moisturized. It is a common myth that if you keep the oily skin oil free, you will get much less acne. Wrong!! No matter what is the skin type, must moisturize. Otherwise, the secretory glands of the face will start to secrete the natural oil of the skin making it too dry and causing acne.
  • Drink plenty of fresh water, green tea to keep the blood naturally purified. Green tea helps remove the toxins by increasing metabolic rate and keeping the digestive system healthy. If you are not checking on the calories, mix sugar with green tea as many find the taste not-so-enjoyable.
  • Drink triphala- an ayurvedic mixture of herbs (easily available in grocery stores) either before an hour to bed & after an hour of the last meal or at the very beginning of the day. This also acts as green tea. ( there is no way to make it enjoyable to drink!)
  • Do not use make-up or any other powder as it will block the pores making it difficult for the skin to breathe. In case you must, clean it immediately after use.
  • Go for a face wash that has moisturizing properties. Remember, ‘oil free’ is not for acne affected face. It’s like a wound on the face. Treat it gently or it will simply cause more pain.
  • If you have severe infections and are on medication, follow the rules properly.
  • At home facial recipe for affected skin:

—  Clean the face with suggested (go for a Dove facial foam or face wash with 1/4th moisturizing milk content) face wash with lukewarm water. Do not rub it harshly, move your fingers very slowly in a circular motion throughout your face. Do not take much long time as the more you massage, the more the bacteria gets spread. Pat dry with a fresh facial tissue or nicely cleaned face towel (have more than one, do not use one towel for more than one session of facial until cleaned again).
— Take any of the suggested scrubs and follow the process.
—  After scrubbing, it’s time for steam. Remember, steam is required to open the pores so that the acne can be pulled out easily. Take a bowl of very hot water (as far as you can tolerate without having breathing problems) and add some lime juice to it. Now cover your face with a big clean towel in way that the towel directs the steam to your face and prevents it from going out into the air. Do it for about 20 minutes.
—  Now take sterilized tweezers or simply use your extra clean hands with no sharp nails. Press only on the matured acne from two sides and gently push, so that the germs come out. Clean with a facial tissue. After doing this with all the matured acnes, clean the face with lukewarm water. Then apply tamarind pulp onto the face and keep for at least 15 minutes. (this will surely create a burning feelings on the face, but those tears will be paid off).
— After this, use a pack of simple natural yogurt on the face and keep for about 30 minutes. Rinse off with room temperature water (your skin needs to cool down now). The yogurt is a panacea for almost all types of skin problems. It performs the act of all skin care products as well- cleanser, scrubber, antiseptic, moisturizer, brightener- you name it!!

Follow this facial three times a week and the face will thank you. This is the simplest form of facial. You may avoid the pulling out part as, if gone wrong, can cause stubborn scar. (I prefer avoiding it) The tamarind pulp will help you killing the matured acne. You are always at liberty to use your favorite pack or scrub. (I swear by yogurt)

  • Acne caused by outer germs & pollutions 

To avoid this reason, one must stay clean as much as possible. Wear clean underwear, dresses, keep the surrounding environment -be it indoor or outdoor- clean, using washed bed-sheets & pillows, face towels. The dirts from the surrounding like these ones add to the already vulnerable face. The dirts from your pillow and other usable clothings can add to the bacterial infection. Avoid using deodorant or perfume if your underarms are affected.

Keep your hands clean and avoid touching the face frequently. Once you tear open a matured acne, the serum sticks to your hand. Now whatever you touch with that hand, the serum transfers to that place. If it is you beloved skin, you’ve just given birth to another enemy. Better keep you nails short in order to not irritate an acne and to reduce the amount of germs/ dirt sticking to the nails. When you have an affected skin, better keep hands sterilized. Avoid touching the hair as well, as the dandruffs ain’t any friends of us.

The acne formed on the other parts of the body is easy enough to take care of and they are less likely to come in touch with the germs from outer world. Scrub regularly during bath and moisturize generously after bath. Stay hydrated. They will disappear with time.

Your first impression is the most permanent image of you to others. Looking good has now become a must for all of us, regardless of gender and age; especially for people whose face value makes a great difference. But both time & money don’t favor us all. With money you may manged to make it to the salon and get rid of your problems, but how long??? Remember, chemicals & other artificial stuffs will provide you with a temporary solution along with side effects– who wants that?? Therfore, always opt for a natural & effective solution which may take time but will stay with you always. And, who doesn’t love money!!

Stay pretty with these “easy, effective & economic” solutions and be happy with your comparably thick wallet!!!

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