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Dieting or Die Not-Eating????

Dieting or Die Not-Eating????

Depriving yourself of too much of food can lead to serious internal problems, problems related to your hormones. I messed up with my diet for a few months and suffered from the most serious problem of my life. Please read on to find out for yourself and be careful about your health.


I wasn’t planning to write here today as I always prepare my content through a thorough research which I then relate with my own experience (where applicable) and then, finally make a post here. But this one came to my mind while I was having an early morning shower today.

Basically, I am comparatively happier since last 3 months because my body is performing perfectly like it used to till November 2012. So I thought I must share the reason and the problems I faced during the few months in between this period. At first, I thought of sharing this through some platform catering to women; then again, it’s important to women and the men also should be careful. Therefore, I am sharing it here.

We, women/ ladies/ girls, are always concerned about our body weight and even the skinniest girl thinks she is looking fat & needs to lose few kilos. This too much consciousness, slowly turns ourselves into completely unconscious about our health. We are ready to do anything in order to lose weight except for being patient & regular. We keep on forgetting that none on earth has taste success through any short-cut. Slow & steady strategies have always been successful and lasted longer. Surely, none of us wish to look skinny on a certain occasion and go back to our regular overweight state after that!

Another important thing to keep in mind is that- ‘dieting’ doesn’t mean ‘not eating’ or ‘depriving yourself’; instead, it means to enjoy every meal and eat a healthy, balanced meal on a regular basis. Most of us believe in skipping our meals or eating too little. Even, we try FAD diets. Sometimes, we change our diet too drastically that our body reacts too much to that. Initially of course we lose a lot of weight in a very short span of time and obviously, being bored & tired & stressed, when we go back to our regular eating habit- we regain our hard-lost extra kilos.  Not to mention, sometimes even gain more than what we used to have.

All of these information is heard & read thousands of times. But how many of you have actually experienced them??? Well, I have!

I started to gain weight when I started to show brilliant results in my school life. I used to be the top student of the class throughout my school life (yes, it’s true!). Seeing this, my parents pushed me to confine myself to studying only. I used to show great results in almost all the extra curricular activities (except for singing :P). But the only thing I was allowed to do apart from studying was reading- reading newspapers, magazines and of course story books. (Well, I am a book-worm. I love reading and can’t live without reading a few pages a single day. And, I also believe in the ability of reading to create great values in a human being.) But, other things are important too. Specially, a child must be allowed to play outside as far as there are time & opportunity. But in spite of having both, I couldn’t do any playing. And, gained weight. Even though I used to study 22 hours (that’s freaky, I know!) a day, I ate too much to burn by only doing that.

The problem continued and I am still way too overweight. But I wasn’t at all bothered about my weight as I have a very healthy body except for too weak ankles as well as legs to carry a heavy body like mine. Internally, I am great- near no side effects of overweight like heart disease or high blood pressure or diabetes. Even my WHR (waist to hip ratio) is almost perfect, 0.75 (0.7 is accepted as perfect). But, my bones are really fragile. I have accidents with my legs many times- fracture or cramps or any other such issues became almost a regular part of my life till I met my Mr. Right. He made sure I don’t fall into any such mishap as long as I am with him and doesn’t allow me to use my legs much. But one serious accident happened in 2011, more than 2 years back- on August 17, 2011- I will always remember this date. It changed me a lot!!!

Apparently, it will seem silly the way I had the accident. But the result is still continuing. Due to being overweight, my right knee-cup got displaced. I actually fell down on that knee. It bounced back while trying to carry my body when I was falling down and failing to do so, got the knee-cup displaced. I consulted with the best orthopedic doctors in the town’s top hospitals and even private chambers. I even underwent laser therapy. Most hilarious part was that nothing wrong has been found in the x-ray report! Only the laser test showed the problem. The injury was that deep!!! After 2 years now, I still can’t rely on my right leg!

What the doctor’s basically told me to do was- (i) take complete bed rest and (ii) lose weight- as fast and as much as possible. The first one made me resign from my highly-loved job of branding luxurious cars like Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Honda. The second one, however, actually worked! I got back almost 75% of the strength just by practicing yoga and aerobics at my home as I used to do during my student life. I never had any trainer or went to any gym. I just took the help of online magazines e.g. Shape, Seventeen  and other online sources. But I didn’t do anything wrong with my diet. After more than a year, at the end of September 2012, I began to gain weight just for leaving my work-out routine. I gained a lot- reached a point where I was never in my life. Got shocked and became desperate to lose weight as fast as possible.

Needless to mention, I started to mess with my diet. I tried FAD diets. Read the reviews about them day after day and when I followed the instructions to the point- I was happy with myself. But when time came for the reality check- the result was zero. Trust me when I’m saying that- I didn’t gain any benefit from FAD diets. My body simply didn’t react to it. Even I tried them quite a few times. But no change was there.


Then I came up with my own strategy. I worked-out 3 hours a day- combining brisk walk, yoga and aerobics at home. I continued it for several months. But I also left the staple source of carbohydrate from my diet- rice. In fact, I used to take the least amount of carb during that time. I only ate protein from vegetables, fish, chicken, pulses, sometimes fruits. I started taking the sour yogurt and drank about 3 liters of water a day. After continuing this routine for two months, I lost more than 15 kilos and was the happiest. But after that the body became used to it and stopped reacting. Along with that, the most serious problem of my life appeared.

My period was highly disturbed. I started to have months without having it. Let alone, in due time. The consequences wasn’t just this, I happened to get hormonal acne on the face. I always suffered from a little bit of acne problem as a teenager and it was also because of the pollution. But this time, it wasn’t a teenage problem. My spa specialist warned me, but I ignored her thinking that she was probably coming up with a way to make more money. But she was right- it was hormonal. Although, by this time I started to mess with my work-out routine and got back to my regular diet, my weight wasn’t harmed until I started to take rice again.


I stopped exercising for a few months now. But it didn’t seem to have much effect on the weight as did the rice. Yet, I have manged to maintain a significant weight loss compared to last year. But my acne was there. I searched on the internet for days. The only thing I found to suit my problem was that- too much of dieting, or crush dieting in my case, caused this problem and it will take time. From the happiest, I became the unhappiest. My period was never ever abnormal before this, I always used to have it within 2-3 days of the regular schedule and I used to mock others for being victims of irregular period for their own carelessness. And, it was happening to me this time! Boy, was I depressed!!!!

I tried everything on the face to get rid of Acne and as I couldn’t stop myself from being outside, I started to use heavy make-up to hide those infections on my face. I even had fever out of infections and pain! It was horrible. I was ready to do anything to get rid of it. That time, it hit me. My diet- I have got to eat properly.

So, I started doing that. After eating properly for about 2 months, even a little more than usual, I started to see changes in my life. My body reacted the best way ever. Yes, I have gained a little weight due to that. And, today after about 5 months of eating properly- my life is normal again. Those acne just vanished and I am now fighting the scars which don’t seem to be that strong. Most important part, I am healthy again. The period is going perfect now. I know, many of you may think that I am obsessed with period- but dear girlfriends, we have to be for our own good.

What I learnt from this is- my body does react to crush diets and it does it badly. The best way for me to lose weight is to exercise regularly and eating in moderation only. Above everything,

I have to be patient and caring to my health.


Take care of your body girls, it’s the most wonderful thing we are gifted with and why I wished our men to know about this is because, I want them to be a guard of the dieting habits of their ladies and never encourage them to eat irregularly. My men is great in this regard, he always pushes me to exercise and asks me to take small portion of high-fat foods, but never asks me to eat less. In fact, he never asks me to avoid eating ice-cream or chocolate or sweets or cold drinks. I am not depriving myself of anything. I just work-out regularly.

To me, being healthy has always been, is and will always be the most important thing!!!

Have a healthy life!

ciao 🙂

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