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facebook header-memoire weddings-sohelee

facebook header-memoire weddings-sohelee

I have always had a nag in photography, it has been just another hobby for me during my student life. But after that, I started to grow passion for this. And now, me, with my husband, has opened this wedding photography agency- Memoire Weddings.

These pictures are of our very first randomly chosen client Anika. We were not part of this wedding commercially. So we let the real agency do their job. But with a Nikon D90 at hand, my husband couldn’t help giving his hands a professional exercise (he is one hell of an expert photographer.. trust me!). And, I took full advantage of the opportunity to make this the first post of my category “Memories for Eternity“, since wedding is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. Here I will be talking about different parts of wedding and other relationships. Plus will share the photographs of the projects under Memoire’.

anika's wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee1

anika’s wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee1

anika's wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee2

anika’s wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee2

anika's wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee3

anika’s wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee3

anika's wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee4

anika’s wedding-memoire weddings-sohelee4

Please let me know how you find the photographs!

Follow this blog for more such beautiful moments of life.

ciao 🙂

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