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Pasta with Black Pepper & Mustard Sauce and Spicy Potato Pancake


















No foodie is a foodie without a bit of cooking expertise. I have started cooking for over 2 years only and managed to pull-up something edible from the beginning- thanks to TLC and Fox Traveler. Slowly, I grew up with the knowledge and began to take it as a hobby.

From now, I will try to share a bit of my daily cooking with recipes where applicable only (I don’t call myself an expert enough chef to share recipes 😉 ). The pictures here shows a home-cooked dinner shared with my husband. Photo courtesy goes all to him (he took too many beautiful pictures and I really got confused about which one to include!).


Simple macaroni boiled with a bit of salt and olive oil.

Shallow fried with eggs, chicken, onion, garlic, salt, tomato sauce, soy sauce and olive oil over low heat.

Spicy Potato Pancake:

Roughly grated 4 medium size potatoes mixed with a bit of salt, red pepper powder, all spice powder and 1 whole egg.

Fried over medium heat with olive oil.


Black pepper, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sugar and  raw mustard pest (raw mustard blended with a bit of turmeric powder, salt & water)- all the ingredients were taken according to taste and mixed together manually as long as the mustard pest doesn’t blend in.

#The mustard here doesn’t mix easily with the other ingredients, so I had to put extra efforts. Blending the ingredients together in the machine will give a good mixture, but will destroy the textures as well as the distinct flavors.

Hope you will enjoy!

Follow the blog, if you are a true foodie and also, if you love cooking!

ciao 🙂

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