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Food in Focus: Olive Oil II

The Liquid Gold for Your Skin


Greek people have been followed almost everywhere in the world for their unmatched beauty and elegance. They knew it from the beginning, how to keep themselves not only beautiful and attractive but also knew to protect their beauty and hold their age at the same static time! Well, the secret is no more a secret and one of the major elements of that secret, is our very own Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It is not unknown to most of us that extra virgin olive oil is great for our health in terms of both- internal health and external look. Olive oil has been used in the processing of hundreds of beauty products all over the world. But, just like pure gold for your jewelry, pure olive oil is the best for your skin and this is why it is called ‘The Liquid Gold for Your Skin”.


Olive oil is highly rich in Vitamin A, E and Anti-oxidant. The most important anti-oxidant for human skin present in olive oil is Hydroxytyrosol which prevents the formation of free radicals- the agent responsible for aging process (boy, don’t we hate him!!!).

Olive oil comes in various forms in the market. The most desirable as well as popular form is the ‘cold-press’ olive oil. This is also the most expensive form as it is extracted from the very first press of olives!! But don’t worry if you can’t manage it as managing extra virgin olive oil- the regular one sold at the market- will be more than enough for your skin.

Now, let me share with you few of the benefits of olive oil I experienced myself and, few others from the experience of other people who love life as well as love themselves, just like I do 🙂


My experience with olive oil:

  • Moisturizing: In our country, olive oil is the best way to keep your skin moisturized in winter. It is within the affordability of the average people. (although the cheapest and greatest moisturizer is coconut oil- but I will talk about that later in another post 😉 ) Not only in winter, olive oil is perfect for soft, glowing skin throughout the year.

# wipe off excessive oil with tissue paper or soft cotton fabric after massaging thoroughly on your body.

  • Scrubbing: Tired of rough skin? Well, I suffered a bit of rough elbows and side of the feet skin, being a little rough compared to the rest of the body- the weird part is, it is not rough all the time and I can’t figure out when it is time for that skin to be rough again :o. I used olive oil on that area- sometimes just pure olive oil, sometimes mixed with a bit of lemon juice. Similarly, it works as a scrubber for the entire body. Try it regularly- whether you have problems or not. It works for me.
  • Acne treatment: Very lightly massaging the affected area with just olive oil helps to get rid of acne and the scar after that. It is also helpful in preventing acne as it cleanses the pores.
  • Cleanser: Amazingly great a cleanser is this olive oil!!! It wipes off all the dirt & impurities without making your skin dry. In fact, I wash my face with my regular face-was after massaging a bit of olive oil whenever I return home from outside and in spite of the harsh face wash, my skin remains soft & supple while perfectly clean! 🙂

# Best make-up remover- you don’t have to bother at all, no matter how heavy (although I hate make-up :P) make-up you are putting on your skin. Just rub a little olive oil before washing your face and things will be nicely gone like they were never there.

# For cleaning-up the kohl or eye-liner or mascara- use the tip of a cotton bud; dip it into olive oil and thoroughly draw a line over the kohl or eye-liner and brush-up the lashes to remove the mascara. These tough to clean cosmetics will smoothly come out.

  • Dark circle treatment: I developed this problem when I was in Class IV due to excessive studies till late night every night :(. I am suffering from this even now. But regularly massaging olive oil around the eyes in clockwise motion does help a lot. And who doesn’t know how beneficial Vitamin A & E are for your eyes!!!
  • Hair care: Vitamin A & E- essential ones for beautiful eyes and hair! Massage warm olive oil on your scalp before shampoo and enjoy the effects after washing. It makes your hair soft, shiny, strong & healthy. Since your scalp remains moisturized, it helps preventing dandruff too. Moreover, it protects hair color.


# Put the bottle of olive oil into a bawl of hot water for few minutes before using it on your scalp. This will make it easy to have warm oil.

  • Radiant skin: Massaging your whole body with olive oil before taking bath not only moisturizes your body, it also gives your skin a very nice glow. I mix a bit of turmeric powder since turmeric works both as a medicine and a skin care ingredient (next item to be talked about on ‘food in focus’)- I mix it with pretty much everything for my skin care.

# You can mix a little rose water if you wish.

Experience of other people:

  • Anti-aging: (Although, it will take me quite a long time till I experience this but I am always concerned about how to prevent the signs of aging. Perhaps this concern make me use my two most favorite panacea for health- yogurt and olive oil!) As I have already said, the anti-oxidant Hydroxytorosol makes olive oil keep your skin age-proof! 🙂 Go ladies- beat those chemical rich, super-expensive beauty creams!
  • Stretch mark: People suffering from stretch mark due to different reasons have been found to rip off the benefits of using olive oil mixed with a bit of lemon juice on the affected areas.
  • Nails: Broken nails?? Ewww! Who wants that?? Of course, we don’t. But managing a perfect manicure is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, better be smart and massage your hands, finger and nails with olive oil regularly. It not only prevents the broken or dry nails, cuticles but also makes your nails stronger, shinier and healthier.


If you are impressed but have a perfect skin- don’t think you can’t or shouldn’t or needn’t use olive oil for skin care. Simply apply olive oil on your face (for dry skin, mix a bit of honey with it) and leave it overnight. In the morning after washing your face, you are sure to experience a shinier, healthier looking skin! Just trust me!!

Olive oil have so many benefits that it can’t be noted within one or two posts here. Moreover, there are other smart ways to apply it as well. Share your ideas with me.


cold-press extra virgin olive oil

Don’t forget to let me know how these ideas worked for you by putting your comments below.

And, read about the benefits of olive oil in your cooking and eating on the next post of  ‘Food in Focus’.

Ciao 🙂

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