Sohelee Tahmina

Eid Day Brunch

Eid Day Brunch

sohelee-brunch-eiduladha13-10 collage

clockwise: pakan pitha/ deep fried sweet pancake, jorda/ sweetened rice with saffron, payesh/ rice pudding with saffron, pasta with beef, cheese & lemon dressing-sohelee

Eid-ul-Adha is the biggest religious ceremony of the Muslim Ummah. On this day, all the devoted Muslims sacrifice an animal towards Allah with an intention to show pure respect & love. There are more than enough meat available on this day at almost every Musalman’s house. Well, not everyone is capable enough to afford an animal. But Islam has instructed the capable Muslims to share their sacrificed animal’s meat in three equal parts to be divided among- the neighbors & relatives, the helpless poor people and for ownself.

But apart from just this meat thing, there are many more aspects associated with this Eid. Muslims try to get together on this occasion and celebrate it with the entire family. Many other food items are also cooked for both the brunch and other snacking times. Few of my brunch items are here for you:


pasta with beef, cheese & lemon dressing-sohelee1


pasta with beef, cheese & lemon dressing-sohelee2


pasta with beef, cheese & lemon dressing-sohelee3


pasta with beef, cheese & lemon dressing-sohelee4


pakan pitha/ deep fried sweet pancake-sohelee1


pakan pitha/ deep fried sweet pancake-sohelee2


payesh/ rice pudding with saffron-sohelee1


payesh/ rice pudding with saffron-sohelee2


jorda/ sweetened rice with saffron-sohelee1


jorda/ sweetened rice with saffron-sohelee2


Hope you all had a geat Eid!

Don’t forget to share your food items. Follow this blog for more such amazing food pictures.

ciao 🙂


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