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Beef Tikka

beef tikka-sohelee

beef tikka-sohelee

I love cooking. I tried a lot of items at my home- after marriage of course, before that I was miles away from the kitchen :P. Anyways, when I first cooked in the kitchen of my mother-in-law, I could clearly hear my own heartbeats… phewwww!

Here is a picture (poorly taken by myself 😛 ) of beef tikka prepared by me. I did this on several days there since all of the family members are fond of it :).


The recipe couldn’t be any simpler:

Take ground beef and mix with garam masala powder, salt to taste, green chilli, sliced onions, a bit of finely chopped ginger, egg to make the mixture flexible and bound together, finely chopped coriander leaves– mix all the ingredients nicely and make flat balls with that. You can also put a piece of clove inside the ball to add some extra heat & flavor.

Dip each ball into a beaten egg and fry with little oil on medium heat. Serve with coriander leaves, slice of lime, sliced onions, green chillies– as you wish. Remember not to fry too much since the meat is already boiled before preparing the ground meat.

You can have them for general snacks and also with pilav or kitchari or any other type of rice. One of the best options to impress guests ;).

Try it at home (if you haven’t yet) and don’t forget to lemme know how it goes, in the comment box below.

Follow the blog to know more such mouth-watering, super successful snack items.

ciao 🙂

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