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Snacks @ The Mazar of Lalan Shah, Kushtia

Today I will share few pictures of my eating experience at the Mazar of Lalan Shah, Kushtia, Bangladesh (pictures will be posted later). It’s a mausoleum built around the grave of Lalan Shah. He was a local singer who achieved all his fame by singing local songs, uniquely composed by himself and known after his name as Lalan Giti. Many of my in-laws stay at Kushtia. This was my first visit to the town.

aloor chop/ potato pkora-kushtia-sohelee

aloor chop/ potato pkora-kushtia-sohelee

This one I ate at the souvenir market outside the Mazar. Locally known as – Aloor Chop. This pakora is made of mashed potato (flat balls made with spicy mashed potato and deep fried into hot oil). This one is the best of my life. The entire recipe is the simplest one and they don’t even use the beaten egg to fry the flat potato balls, like we do at home. The ordinary besan (ground masur beans) based batter is used as the dip before frying.

The following eggplant pakora (sliced eggplant deep fried in hot oil after dipping into batter) is also from the same place and has been fried by dipping into the same batter. Both of these food items couldn’t be any crispier or anymore perfectly prepared; home-made food failed in this case, to me. Amazed to my limit I was!!!

eggplant pakora-kushtia-sohelee

eggplant pakora-kushtia-sohelee



Kulfi fan? Who isn’t?? Run your fastest to the Mazar of Lalan Shah at Kushtia, Bangladesh to have one of the best ones of your life at the cheapest price made with great care by the local people and sold at the mausoleum campus itself. About 10 such sellers will be seen there and each one has different varieties of kulfi in stock. They heat dense milk with cardamom pods to make it even more dense before freezing it and to give it that heavenly flavor.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take a better picture since it was melting really fast and it was dark already. I will make sure I get a perfect picture next time.

Lemme know your opinion in the comment box below. Don’t forget to follow the blog for more such tasty delights.

ciao 🙂

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