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Dine in Style

The dining room is one of the areas of the house where we spent most of our time together. There have to be comfortable chairs, storage spaces, large & solid tables that allow food to taste great and families to bond stronger.

Find below 9 chic ideas to make your dining experience full of style, just like other parts of your life:

Something Different-sohelee

Something Different-sohelee

Something different

Coordinate the chairs with the table , with a bit of twist. For example, have the same wooden structure for both chairs and table, but add comfy sitting to the chairs with cushion & fabric, whereas have table in meth-acrylic. 

An Office in The Kitchen-sohelee

An Office in The Kitchen-sohelee

An office in the kitchen

A quick breakfast, snacks- all these are best enjoyed at the little dining area inside the kitchen. Create a small dining area in the kitchen with a table of wood of white board and matching chairs. A light stand is perfect for illuminating the delicious food. Try contrasting shape for the table and the chairs- for example, round or curvy chairs with a box shaped table-top.

Black & White-sohelee

Black & White-sohelee

Black and white

Just like Hot Offices interiors of the 70’s, a white table with contrasting chairs in black is definitely going to jazz up the dining experience. Black & white is a classic combination that never fails to impress- no matter where it is used. Try it, you wont regret.




Even if you have a large dining room, be careful not to overload it. Fewer pieces and better quality- is the mantra of the modern dining area. The dining table in the picture is a 452X Four Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell, and the chairs are designed Philippe Starck for Kartell as well. You may also try an oil painting or any other, according to your taste  to add ‘chic’ to the environment.




Transparent furniture will always add more light to your room- perfect for the urban apartments where having proper light is only a history now. The diamond curving on the chairs goes perfectly with the table that has a clear glass top.




As it is already mentioned in the previous picture, transparent furniture helps you get more light, but you can make it even more chic by hanging a cool colorful painting or other decorative pieces around the dining table set. The cupboard consisting of two central drawers and two sliding doors, is perfect for crockery storage. The two chairs are called Louis Ghost designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell,  have given the entire dining space a stylish designer look.




Natural colors always succeed: white, brown, earthy or any other similar hue used in tables, dressers , chairs and even, lamps can make your room properly decorated yet calm & comfortable. The carpet, in a perfect gray, creates a nice contrast.




Want to create a retro? Every piece of furniture displayed in this picture is a symbol of vintage details and classic designs revisited. The lamp is made of blown glass, white dresser has three doors with four drawers and table has steel made blades. The chairs can be found in various colors.

Small Spaces-sohelee

Small Spaces-sohelee

Small spaces

In small houses, you have to make the most use of the space. Invest in a table designed with a foothold so that it can serve the purposes of both eating and doing other tasks as required. The turquoise chairs here give a touch of color to an atmosphere of vintage touches (the lamp ) in which stands the shelf with modules of different sizes and shapes.

image sources: Elle decore’ 

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