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Nail Care in Winter

nail care in winter-sohelee

nail care in winter-sohelee

In the last on ‘health is wealth’, I have shared some expert advice on taking care of our hands during the dry winter season. Now, for those who are even willing to take a step further, I am sharing the same regarding the perfect care of our nails this season. Check out the following tips.

1. Stop cutting cuticles

nail care in winter-sohelee1

nail care in winter-sohelee1

The cuticle is there to lock in moisture and keep the ‘living’ part of your nail (above the cuticle under your skin) hydrated, so cutting into the cuticle skin is essentially breaking the seal – resulting in dry, flaking nails before they even grow out from underneath. Therefore, instead of cutting them all out, after having a shower (when the skin is softened), use a cuticle pusher to lift dead skin at the top of the nail. Then, condition and clean-up the cuticles with Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Eraser and Balm. 

2. 3-in-1 polishes often still require a base-coat

nail care in winter-sohelee3

nail care in winter-sohelee3

We often forget to apply a base-coat before applying a nail color on our nails. While it’s essential with the single layer ones, depending on the colour, it can be necessary to use a base coat with an all-in-one nail polish (offering a base coat, colour and top coat in one bottle). Darker colours like plum, blue and black may still stain the nail underneath and leave a yellowish tinge, so it’s best to apply a base-coat as a preventative measure. Colours at the other end of the spectrum (think nude, pastels and white) are also easier to apply after a base coat because the polish glides over the nail and leaves less streaks.

3. Maintain a professional manicure with a DIY touch

nail care in winter-sohelee4

nail care in winter-sohelee4

Your nails always look great five minutes after the leaving the salon, but the glossy finish practically disappears by day two. To pro-long your manicure and keep it high-shine, apply a top coat every second day.

4. Create the illusion of longer nail beds

nail care in winter-sohelee2

nail care in winter-sohelee2

When painting your nails, don’t take the polish all the way to the side. Instead, stop slightly before – this will not only create the illusion of longer nails but also help to avoid those frustrating blotches of polish on the skin.

Apply and maintain these simple yet effective tips to take the best care of your nails this winter and don’t forget to follow the blog for such health tips on ‘health is wealth’.

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